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Lisani! Vol.50.5 Bocchi the Rock! Deluxe Edition

Lisani! Vol.50.5 Bocchi the Rock! Deluxe Edition



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Order Closes 25 March 2023
Releases April 2023
Estimated Arrival May-June 2023

The whole book “Bocchi Za Rock! ] Special feature!
“Lisani! Vol.50.5 Bocchi the Rock! Deluxe Edition”

depicts the extremely shy and insidious main character, Hitori Goto, and the high school girls who perform band activities with her, and the theme song
and play. The fall 2022 cool TV anime “Bocchi the Rock!” ’. This time, in addition to re-recording the feature articles

of “Lisani! Vol.50”, which are currently difficult to obtain (interviews with kessoku band casts, creator roundtables, etc.), the portal site “Lisani!” A special round-table discussion by the people involved in the production of the album of the band in the drama, the kessoku band (Ikumi Hasegawa, Ritsuro Mitsui, and Gen Okamura) is reprinted as a magazine article . In addition, new content includes individual interviews with the four members of the kessoku band (Yoshino Aoyama, Sayumi Suzushiro, Hajime Mizuno, and Ikumi Hasegawa), as well as an interview with Aki Hamaji, the original author, and Tomoki Kikuya, who worked on the music for the play . Includes a round-table discussion by musicians and Aniplex staff involved in the production of the band’s music, comment planning by music creators and animation production staff, cross-reviews of all songs by the kessoku band, and comments from Kenji Otsuki, who professes to be a fan of this work. With a large volume of over 100 pages, “Bocchi the Rock! ] And thoroughly delve into the charm of the music. In addition, in this work, there is a cheki style using a newly drawn cover illustration.

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CharacterHitori Gotoh
SeriesBocchi the Rock!

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